Chinese Lunar New year's

Getting to Know the New Year in China

Most everyone can figure out that China holds the New Year, as most of the world is a member of the Muslim religion. However, that does not mean that everyone understands the significance of the day.

New Year in China is celebrated in the period called the Spring Festival. It is a festival that marks the arrival of spring. The place where the celebration is held is the location of the capital Beijing, the biggest city in China.

Many tourists can visit the country’s capital city during the month of January and come back home during the new year. The celebratory activity is to visit the rivers, rivers of China. The water has a soothing effect on the body and spirit.

Young people all over the world find this celebratory time to have fun and meet their friends and relatives. They stay away from the new year full of gloom and worries. It is believed that celebrating this festival will bring good luck to the coming year.

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Chinese celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and with vigor for many years. For years they have been observing the traditional way of making New Year’s Day ceremonies. Even now, the Chinese celebrate this festival in the traditional way. There are several different traditions and customs that are observed.

Every season nighs for China and the Chinese mark this special time. The traditional way of celebrating the new year begins with the harvesting of bamboo.

Bamboo shoots have to be cut and put into bamboo stalks to be roasted for a few days in the burning sun. The purpose of the burning sun is to release the energy in the bamboo. This creates the aroma of rich berry.

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On the eve of the New Year, the bamboo straw is passed around. Some individuals start preparing for the preparations by boiling fresh vegetables. Some even send some water to boil water so as to make tea and a lot more traditional stuff.

Well, the decorations that they prepare for the new year do not include a lot of roasting. The decorations are done with a bunch of straws and wreaths that have a colorful depiction of flowers and bright colors of red, white and green.

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The Feast is a sort of delicacy that the Chinese enjoy when they celebrate the new year. The New Year is also celebrated with a very lavish feast. People start the meal with the traditional dish called congee. In order to get the true taste of Chinese food, they are usually eating chow mein.

Chinese culture is known for having special foods. Eating and drinking are a way of letting the spirit in them and allowing them to get well and strong.

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